Welcome to the Neighborhood

Every Tuesday on 107.1FM Portland
Every Tuesday on 107.1FM Portland

It’s funny to me that there are so few that are aware of the northwest hip hop movement. Don’t get me wrong, there is still so much that I am learning about it as well. And every Tuesday I get educated on the past, present and future and you’re invited to join in the conversation. Welcome to the Neighborhood is two hours of music and conversation with and about artists connected to the northwest scene including MCs, producers, musicians, film makers, community activists and of course DJs from genres including Hip Hop, Soul and Funk. We listen to exclusive material, talk about upcoming projects and events and you are invited to join in the conversation via social media or calling into the show.

We take a look back every week at those who laid the foundation with the Old School cut, get in depth with the guests via The Questions segment and look forward to having MCs kick a verse or two of exclusive material live in studio.

Check out Welcome to the Neighborhood with DJ Klyph every Tuesday night from 8-10pm pacific standard time on 107.1FM KZME Portland and streaming live at www.kzme.fm.







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