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Guess who’s back!!!!

Peace world. June 10th I’ll be back on the airwaves with DJ Klyph presents… Welcome to the Neighborhood on 107.1FM KZME Portland.

Truly looking forward to getting back to sharing this art with the masses and I’m truly blessed to kick things off with a couple of great guests! At 8pm Haunted Spaceship will make their first appearance on WTTN with producers Pale Soul, Colin Luba and the great vocalist Toni Hill. Their project “Running 2 The Future” just recently dropped and they’ll be performing at The Ash Street Saloon on June 13th. Tune in the hear selections from the project.

Also Neighborhood resident and friend Tony Ozier will pass through in the second hour to talk about the 5th Anniversary of The Dookie Jam. It will also be a listening party for the release of BeatsGalore Vol.2. Tony has been on the road putting in work but also building with some of the best NW artists. He’s also officially collaborated with musician Farnell Newton on the new label FN|BeatsGalore and we make get a sneak peak at some other upcoming projects.

Tune in to 107.1FM in the Portland metro area and also streaming live @ http://www.kzme.fm/player


WTTN on Hiatus

Tuesday March 11th will be the last Live episode of Welcome to the Neighborhood on radio station KZME 107.1FM Portland…for a minute anyway. That doesn’t mean my contribution to this NW movement won’t still be present. There’s the blog you’re currently reading, the KZME blog, the podcasts and you’ll still hear my contributions on the KZME airwaves with artist submissions and maybe even a chance to re-visit some passed episodes.

That being said, I’m blessed to get sent off on this hiatus with a few special guests. In the first hour a man who was one of the first to connect me with a lot of the local artists I’ve grown to call friends and a former guest on WTTN himself, local label owner Kenny Fresh of Fresh Selects will come through to flip the script and interview me. Plus we’ll get caught on the transition from blog to label.

Designer and leader of the RO.BO movement JayYo will come through to close out the first hour of the show to speak on the line, the tape and the future.

Closing out the show is world rap champion and Neighborhood resident Illmaculate. With the release of his latest Chase Moore produced project titled Clay Pigeons and the recent episodes of police presence at local hip hop events along with Illmac’s decision to hold off on performing in his home city for now, it’s sure to be a show you won’t want to miss.

Be sure to tune in from 8-10pm at 107.1FM in the Portland metro area and streaming LIVE online at www.kzme.fm/player

Until next time…


In The Mix

Live Mix on 107.1FM KZME Portland

I have such great respect for the artists I’ve been building with in Portland for the last several years. I have enjoyed so much sharing their talents with the world via the radio programs I’ve been involved with. I often say I feel so much more comfortable having DJ in front of my name since I’m am on the radio, because I see the talent and work these artists put in and they are truly in a class of their own.

In April 2012, I was inspired to put together a mix live on the air of tracks that I listened to when I was younger. Here is the link and I invite you to listen and share it with your family and friends.