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Tope* Live Freestyle on Welcome to the Neighborhood

NW MC/Producer passed through the Neighborhood and dropped this quick little freestyle live on 107.1FM KZME.


Tope* and Chill Crew on Welcome to the Neighborhood

…and the guests keep on coming!

So blessed to have a great group of people pass through the station this week. In the first hour, Tope* came through the Neighborhood to talk about his upcoming release “Trouble Man” which I think is his best material to-date. I had a chance to play a number of tracks from the project before the official release next month. Tope* is also the first guest on the show to do a beat build live, then kicked a freestyle verse on top of that. Hit the link below and check out the playlist for the first hour.

Podcast Link: First Hour feat. Tope*

  1. Sleep feat. Pigeon John – Truth Serum [Single]
  2. Tope – FAMILY AFFAIR FT. GRYNCH & SPACEMAN from Trouble Man EP
  3. Tope – NEW DAY FT. LUCK-ONE from Trouble Man EP
  4. Th3rdz (feat Geologic of Blue Scholars) – Hustle Harder from This That & Th3rdz
  5. Tope – CHURCH GIRLS from Trouble Man EP
  6. DJ Klyph presents… Tope* live freestyle at KZME
  7. DJ Klyph presents… The Questions feat. Tope*
  8. Tope – TAKE YOUR TIME from Trouble Man EP

In the second hour of the show, Chill Crew came through to talk about the progress of their next album. These fellas are real busy this summer with appearances in the NW Hip Hop Fest, Music Fest NW and more. Hit the link below to check out the conversation and peep the playlist for the second hour.

Podcast Link: Second Hour feat. Chill Crew

  1. Man Parrish – Boogie Down Bronx from Hip Hop Be Bop
  2. Chill Crew – To Die For [Single]
  3. NISSIM™ – Chronicles from Miracle Music (Mixtape)
  4. BigMo – Heavy from Both Sides Of The Sand
  5. Lillian – Wake Up [Single]
  6. Sam Lachow and Raz Simone Feat Magik – Good Reasons 5 Good Reasons
  7. Chill Crew ft. Sky – Gotta Get By Produced by Afta 1 [Single]
  8. DJ Klyph presents… The Questions feat. Chill Crew
  9. Luck-One & Dekk – Searchin’ from Beautiful Music Pt. 2

Be on the lookout for upcoming guests to the Neighborhood including Monsters Ink, Nissim, Soul Minor among others.

Until next time,