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Guess who’s back!!!!

Peace world. June 10th I’ll be back on the airwaves with DJ Klyph presents… Welcome to the Neighborhood on 107.1FM KZME Portland.

Truly looking forward to getting back to sharing this art with the masses and I’m truly blessed to kick things off with a couple of great guests! At 8pm Haunted Spaceship will make their first appearance on WTTN with producers Pale Soul, Colin Luba and the great vocalist Toni Hill. Their project “Running 2 The Future” just recently dropped and they’ll be performing at The Ash Street Saloon on June 13th. Tune in the hear selections from the project.

Also Neighborhood resident and friend Tony Ozier will pass through in the second hour to talk about the 5th Anniversary of The Dookie Jam. It will also be a listening party for the release of BeatsGalore Vol.2. Tony has been on the road putting in work but also building with some of the best NW artists. He’s also officially collaborated with musician Farnell Newton on the new label FN|BeatsGalore and we make get a sneak peak at some other upcoming projects.

Tune in to 107.1FM in the Portland metro area and also streaming live @ http://www.kzme.fm/player


DJ Klyph presents…Libretto Interview March 2014

DJ Klyph presents…Libretto Interview March 2014.

Was great to chop it up for a quick minute with my man Libretto. He spoke for a few minutes on how he’s been working on new material and what we can expect when he gets home. Take a listen to the conversation then send Bretto a note:

Michael Jackson
Sheridan Federal Correctional Institute
PO BOX 5000 Sheridan OR, 97378

Books need to be mailed from amazon or other publisher,
Donations need to go through western union all the info is on the BOP website. http://www.bop.gov/

You can also send pictures via Shutterfly

Go ahead and tell a friend!


WTTN on Hiatus

Tuesday March 11th will be the last Live episode of Welcome to the Neighborhood on radio station KZME 107.1FM Portland…for a minute anyway. That doesn’t mean my contribution to this NW movement won’t still be present. There’s the blog you’re currently reading, the KZME blog, the podcasts and you’ll still hear my contributions on the KZME airwaves with artist submissions and maybe even a chance to re-visit some passed episodes.

That being said, I’m blessed to get sent off on this hiatus with a few special guests. In the first hour a man who was one of the first to connect me with a lot of the local artists I’ve grown to call friends and a former guest on WTTN himself, local label owner Kenny Fresh of Fresh Selects will come through to flip the script and interview me. Plus we’ll get caught on the transition from blog to label.

Designer and leader of the RO.BO movement JayYo will come through to close out the first hour of the show to speak on the line, the tape and the future.

Closing out the show is world rap champion and Neighborhood resident Illmaculate. With the release of his latest Chase Moore produced project titled Clay Pigeons and the recent episodes of police presence at local hip hop events along with Illmac’s decision to hold off on performing in his home city for now, it’s sure to be a show you won’t want to miss.

Be sure to tune in from 8-10pm at 107.1FM in the Portland metro area and streaming LIVE online at www.kzme.fm/player

Until next time…


G_Force AKA Calvin Valentine stopped by KZME

February 18th, producer/MC G_Force passed through the Neighborhood at 107.1FM KZME in Portland Oregon. He played some exclusive tracks yet to be released, as well as live rhymes from his latest collaboration with California based DJ Flip Flop. He also talked about his first project released on vinyl, a collaboration with MC Planet Asia. Check out the links to the podcast below (audio)

G_Force on WTTN first hour (iTunes)

G_Force on WTTN KZME link to podcast


Nissim and OnlyOne on Welcome to the Neighborhood July 2013

I simply feel blessed to have this platform. This week I had the opportunity to build with a couple of very talented people. First up, Seattle MC Nissim who was formally known as D. Black was gracious enough to call down to be in the Neighborhood. It was an honor to help share his story of transition to new artist and talk about the new material and the plan to impact the world in a positive way. I’m so looking forward to continuing to build with such a great person. Here’s the link to the interview and the playlist from the first hour of the show:

DJ Klyph presents… Nissim on KZME (Audio)

Podcast link to hour 1

Tope – CHURCH GIRLS from Trouble Man EP
Roane Namuh and Reva DeVito – Cloudshine (Tony Ozier Remix featuring Sho Tyme) from Cloudshine Deluxe
G_Force & Radiation City – Turbulence (Buckminsterfullerene Remix) [feat. Theory Hazit] from A Different Animal
TH3RDZ – Awaken Your Dreams from This That & Th3rdz Visit http://camobearrecords.bandcamp.com
Ta-Ku & Rasshan Ahmad – Lean Left from Low Fidelity, High Quality
Goodie Mob feat. Janelle Monae – Special Education [Single]
Glenn Waco – Interstate (Prod. Plan Z) from Northbound

This was my second opportunity to host OnlyOne in the Neighborhood. Simply put, he’s a great MC! Besides planning to release some great material this year (I wish I could tell y’all about some of the collaborations) OnlyOne kick a few verses live on the air. Check out the video post for one of the rhymes he did, and also hit the link for the full interview below.

Podcast link to OnlyOne on WTTN

Freestyle – The Party Has Begun from Don’t Stop the Rock
Soul Minor – 23 from PerMission to Shine
Cassow – Love Solace ft. smooth [Single]
Wordsmith – Living Life Check to Check from The Blue Collar Recital
OnlyOne – Whevver from Police Brutality (B-Sides)
Serge Severe & 5th Sequence – Strong Coffee from Boom Bap & Bars Vol. 1
DJ Klyph presents… The Questions feat. OnlyOne
DJ Klyph presents… OnlyOne Live Freestyle on KZME

Next week, looking forward to having a special guest co-host, the official DJ for the Portland Trailblazers DJ O.G. One in the Neighborhood and well as NW Hip Hop crew Monster’s Ink.

Until next time, be blessed!


Tope* and Chill Crew on Welcome to the Neighborhood

…and the guests keep on coming!

So blessed to have a great group of people pass through the station this week. In the first hour, Tope* came through the Neighborhood to talk about his upcoming release “Trouble Man” which I think is his best material to-date. I had a chance to play a number of tracks from the project before the official release next month. Tope* is also the first guest on the show to do a beat build live, then kicked a freestyle verse on top of that. Hit the link below and check out the playlist for the first hour.

Podcast Link: First Hour feat. Tope*

  1. Sleep feat. Pigeon John – Truth Serum [Single]
  2. Tope – FAMILY AFFAIR FT. GRYNCH & SPACEMAN from Trouble Man EP
  3. Tope – NEW DAY FT. LUCK-ONE from Trouble Man EP
  4. Th3rdz (feat Geologic of Blue Scholars) – Hustle Harder from This That & Th3rdz
  5. Tope – CHURCH GIRLS from Trouble Man EP
  6. DJ Klyph presents… Tope* live freestyle at KZME
  7. DJ Klyph presents… The Questions feat. Tope*
  8. Tope – TAKE YOUR TIME from Trouble Man EP

In the second hour of the show, Chill Crew came through to talk about the progress of their next album. These fellas are real busy this summer with appearances in the NW Hip Hop Fest, Music Fest NW and more. Hit the link below to check out the conversation and peep the playlist for the second hour.

Podcast Link: Second Hour feat. Chill Crew

  1. Man Parrish – Boogie Down Bronx from Hip Hop Be Bop
  2. Chill Crew – To Die For [Single]
  3. NISSIM™ – Chronicles from Miracle Music (Mixtape)
  4. BigMo – Heavy from Both Sides Of The Sand
  5. Lillian – Wake Up [Single]
  6. Sam Lachow and Raz Simone Feat Magik – Good Reasons 5 Good Reasons
  7. Chill Crew ft. Sky – Gotta Get By Produced by Afta 1 [Single]
  8. DJ Klyph presents… The Questions feat. Chill Crew
  9. Luck-One & Dekk – Searchin’ from Beautiful Music Pt. 2

Be on the lookout for upcoming guests to the Neighborhood including Monsters Ink, Nissim, Soul Minor among others.

Until next time,





The Chicharones, BigMo and J Burns on Welcome to the Neighborhood

What a blessing to be able to share such good music! So honored to have The Chicharones (Sleep of Oldominion and Josh Martinez) as guests on the show this week. They in the midst of celebrating the new single “Hi Hey Hello” which is featured on the international campaign for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone. You can pick up the new single on iTunes. Aside from leaking songs from the new Chicharones album as well as a leak from the new project by Sleep, the fellas performed a live acoustic version of the new single! Hit the link below for the podcast.

The Chicharones on Welcome to the Neighborhood June 2013

  1. The Chicharones – You Gotta Move from Swine Country
  2. Th3rdz – Go For Broke from This That & Th3rdz visit Camobear Records
  3. The Chicharones – Alive from Por Que? (Pork Eh?) visit Camobear Records
  4. The Chicharones – Burn It Down from Swine Flew
  5. Sleep – Truth Serum [Radio Edit]
  6. The Chicharones – Lullaby For The Misunderstood
  7. DJ Klyph presents… The Questions featuring The Chicharones
  8. The Chicharones – Hi Hey Hello (Live at KZME)
J Burns and BigMo at KZME
J Burns and BigMo at KZME




In the second hour of the show, Green Luck Media Group artists BigMo and J Burns came through to talk about the upcoming collaboration with KZME on the show at Kelly’s Olympian on July 13th. I was privileged to play new, unreleased music from both artists. Hit the link below for the podcast link!

BigMo and J Burns on Welcome to the Neighborhood June 2013

  1. Doug E. Fresh – Spirit 12″ Single
  2. BigMo – Oil Money
  3. J Burns – One Day
  4. Sapient – Anaphylaxis from Slump
  5. J Burns – Slow Mo
  6. BigMo – Heavy
  7. DJ Klyph presents… The Questions featuring J Burns and BigMo 


Tune in to WTTN next week for MC/Producer Tope live in studio as well as Chill Crew.

Until next time, be blessed!


DJ Klyph presents… three7 RADIO #002

Peace world! Hope all is well in your area. I want to share with you the second episode of three7 RADIO with new music and still the very best in positive hip hop, conscious music. Peep the set list for this episode:

DJ Klyph presents… three7 RADIO #002

  1. K. Sparks – Autumn Blues [Radio Single] Visit http://ksparks.bandcamp.com
  2. The Procussions – The Fringe from The Procussions
  3. Dre Murray – 7913 (Prod. by Wit) [7913 single]
  4. ALERT312 – The Villian vs The Virtue from Of Vice & Virtue
  5. GS – Answer Dat from Win Souls or Die Tryn
  6. Joshua – Perfect People from I Stand Alone
  7. CONQUEST – The Machinist from Bryant’s Theme Visit http://conquest.bandcamp.com
  8. 14KT & Ozay Moore – Record Store Day

And here are a couple of links to the audio:

three7 RADIO Show #002

iTunes link

Shout out to:
Kingdom Affiliates – www.kingdomaffiliates.com
Sphere Of Hip Hop – www.sphereofhiphop.com
Humble Beast – www.humblebeast.com
Fresh Selects – www.freshselects.com

Check out the links to get more info on the artists that contribute to three7 RADIO and support good music. Be sure to spread the word!