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Guess who’s back!!!!

Peace world. June 10th I’ll be back on the airwaves with DJ Klyph presents… Welcome to the Neighborhood on 107.1FM KZME Portland.

Truly looking forward to getting back to sharing this art with the masses and I’m truly blessed to kick things off with a couple of great guests! At 8pm Haunted Spaceship will make their first appearance on WTTN with producers Pale Soul, Colin Luba and the great vocalist Toni Hill. Their project “Running 2 The Future” just recently dropped and they’ll be performing at The Ash Street Saloon on June 13th. Tune in the hear selections from the project.

Also Neighborhood resident and friend Tony Ozier will pass through in the second hour to talk about the 5th Anniversary of The Dookie Jam. It will also be a listening party for the release of BeatsGalore Vol.2. Tony has been on the road putting in work but also building with some of the best NW artists. He’s also officially collaborated with musician Farnell Newton on the new label FN|BeatsGalore and we make get a sneak peak at some other upcoming projects.

Tune in to 107.1FM in the Portland metro area and also streaming live @ http://www.kzme.fm/player


DJ Klyph presents…Libretto Interview March 2014

DJ Klyph presents…Libretto Interview March 2014.

Was great to chop it up for a quick minute with my man Libretto. He spoke for a few minutes on how he’s been working on new material and what we can expect when he gets home. Take a listen to the conversation then send Bretto a note:

Michael Jackson
Sheridan Federal Correctional Institute
PO BOX 5000 Sheridan OR, 97378

Books need to be mailed from amazon or other publisher,
Donations need to go through western union all the info is on the BOP website. http://www.bop.gov/

You can also send pictures via Shutterfly

Go ahead and tell a friend!


DJ Klyph presents… Sounds of the DJ Volume 2 feat. DJ Kryptic

DJ Klyph presents… Sounds of the DJ Series Vol.2 feat DJ Kryptic

The foundation is the DJ. So to celebrate this element of hip hop, I bring you volume 2 of the Sounds of the DJ series. This time through I kick things off with DJ Kryptic. You can find him at the monthly event Wax It Up at The Jack London Bar spinning a mix of Oldschool Hiphop, R&B, Funk, Nu Funk, & Breaks. This week he stopped by the KZME studios to share a taste of what you can expect when you see him live. Check out the 1st hour of the podcast to hear DJ Kryptic’s live mix on Welcome to the Neighborhood!

In the second hour of the show, I was privileged to have a conversation with local artist Rafael Vigilantics. He is getting ready to release a new project entitled The Spade Tapes and there is an album release event happening on June 2nd – and we’re all invited. Check out the second hour of the show via podcast to hear a couple of tracks from the project as well as a conversation with the man himself.

  1. Rafael Vigilantics feat. Luck-One, Onry Ozzborne and Mic Crenshaw – Bedside Tables from The Spade Tapes
  2. Serge Severe & 5th Sequence – Strong Coffee from Boom Bap & Bars Vol. 1
  3. Matty feat Luck-One, Tope & Calvin Valentine – Friends x Foes from Mr. Nice Guy 2
  4. Sly The Brown Hornet feat. Jumbo, Libretto, Dubb Flex and Versatyl – Misfit Massive [Radio Single]
  5. DJ Klyph presents… Rafael Vigilantics interviewed on 107.1FM KZME
  6. Rafael Vigilantics – A Birds Eye from The Spade Tapes
  7. DJ Klyph presents… The Questions feat. DJ Kryptic

Next week I continue the series with a mix from guest DJ Weather so be sure to spread the word.

Until next time –



The Spade Tapes Album Release

Stewart Villain and Cassow on Welcome to the Neighborhood Sept. 2012

Stewart Villain and Cassow on Welcome to the Neighborhood September 2012

Stewart Villain and Cassow Sept 2012 pt1

  1. Luck-One & Dizz – Get. Your. Money. from Critical Mass
  2. IAME feat Toni Hill – Malnourish from Lame$tream
  3. Theory Hazit – Distorted Joy from Thr3e
  4. Destro Destructo feat. Bishop I – Heaven & Hell 12″ Single
  5. Cool Nutz feat. Messy Marv and Arjay – She Wants To Love Me from Portland NI&$A
  6. Fangtshida – Steer Clear from Fangtshida
  7. Stewart Villain – SlugFace Lean Team from Lean Team 2
  8. Cassow – Mind Yo Bidness 12″ Single
  9. TxE feat. Illmaculate – ALL OF THE ABOVE FEAT. ILLMACULATE from We Get It In True
  10. Raashan Ahmad – Beautiful/ugly from For What You’ve Lost
  11. Mighty Misc – Insomnia ft. Luci B, Cray, Gepetto, Max Graves and DMLH 12″ Single

Second Hour

  1. Amerigo Gazaway of Gummy Soul – Runnin’ from Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde
  2. LMNO & Soulution – No Complaints from It All Adds Up
  3. Hy-Definition – Higher Ground (Feat. Trace Blam) from The Voices
  4. Roane Namuh + Reva DeVito – C(h)ampagne (QUARRY x Tyler Tastemaker Most Custom Remix)
  5. John Crown ft. Luck One, Goodsin, Mario Sweet – Singin and Rappin from Off the Clock Music
  6. Andy $tack – Keep Spittin’ from A Day In The Life
  7. Dee-1 – Jay, 50, And Weezy from I Hope They Hear Me 2

Theory Hazit in Portland Oregon Thusday August 16th!

Neighborhood resident and Humble Beast artist Theory Hazit is performing live in Portland Oregon Thursday August 16th 2012 at the Bossanova Ballroom for the RAW – Radiate event. The event features Art, Photography, Fashion and Music. Get your tickets now by following the link below:

Also check out Theory live in studio on 107.1FM KZME Portland’s Welcome to the Neighborhood with DJ Klyph Tuesday August 14th at 7pm for your chance to win 2 free tickets to the show.

Serge Severe and Zapata on Welcome to the Neighborhood with July 2012

The King of the Neighborhood was back at KZME on the day he and producer Zapata released their latest EP “Silver Novelist” and it was a good time for sure. Serge spit bars as only he can and there was much comedy as the fellas hung out for the whole show. I also debuted the latest single from Destro Destructo entitled “Fade Away” and we announced the line up for the NW Hip Hop Fest Welcome to the Neighborhood showcase. Check out the playlist, links to the podcast below.

Serge Severe and Zapata on Welcome to the Neighborhood July 2012

  1. Destro Cestructo – Fade Away 12″ SIngle
  2. Arcade Club – Cocaina 2.0 from Arcade Club
  3. SolePro x Goodwill – Payday Loan Hopping from Scheme Work
  4. Commenter-E – This Is Portland 12″ Single
  5. Serge Severe – Say What You Really Feel 12″ Single
  6. Tope – Goodness (Extended) from Since The Last Time We Spoke
  7. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Seeds from Seeds via http://FRESHselects.net
  8. Luck-One & Dekk – Searchin’ from Beautiful Music Pt. 2
  9. Serge Severe – Seasons (Prod. by Angel Morales) from Silver Novelist EP
  10. ANTHM feat. Blu – Polaris 12″ Single

Second Hour

  1. Theory Hazit – Ol D3rty Hazit from Thr3e
  2. Destro Cestructo – Fade Away 12″ SIngle
  3. Serge Severe – Hunger Games (Prod. by Angel Morales) from Silver Novelist EP
  4. Serge Severe – Freestyle Live on KZME
  5. Serge Severe ft. Jon Belz – Rare Flow from Service Without A Smile
  6. Raashan Ahmad x plukk.inn – Raashan Ahmad – No Pain (prod. plukk.inn) 12″ Single
  7. Luckyiam – Somethin 2 say from I Love Haters
  8. Serge Severe – Hunger Games (Prod. by Angel Morales) from Silver Novelist EP
  9. Serge Severe – Back On My Rhymes from Back On My Rhymes

Commenter-E on Welcome to the Neighborhood with DJ Klyph July 2012

Commenter-E in the Neighborhood

Check out a clip of NW artist Commenter-E on radio station 107.1FM KZME Welcome to the Neighborhood with DJ Klyph

Commenter-E stopped by 107.1FM KZME in July to talk about the upcoming project The Power Of One set to be released later this year. He also played the new single This Is Portland, which is now a free download on his website www.commentere.com

Commeneter-E also brought with him Danielle who’ll have a couple of features on the album. It was great to connect in person after a couple of years of social media interaction and his visit made for a great show.

Things started off with a phone interview from artists performing on the Liv Warfield event at the Doug Fir. DJ O.G. One, Tyrone Hendrix, Jarred Lawson and Ms. Warfield herself all took a minute before showtime to bless the Portland airwaves.

You can catch the whole show via podcast on iTunes. The first hour features the interview with Liv and and the gang, and the second hour is good music and conversation with commenter-E and Danielle. You can also catch past episodes via the KZME website podcast page for Welcome to the Neighborhood.

The playlist for the show is listed below. Be sure to tune in next week and every week Tuesday nights from 7-9pm pacific to 107.1FM in the Portland metro area and streaming live at www.kzme.fm/player

Commenter-E on Welcome to the Neighborhood July 17 2012 playlist

  1. Randal Wyatt – Sense Over Dollars from Extra Ordinary Mixtape
  2. Interview with DJ OG One, Tyrone Hendrix, Jarred Lawson, Liv Warfield
  3. Northe’n Lights – Hungry feat. Braille, Serge Sever, Theory Hazit, Liv Warfield from Cut ‘Em or Pay ‘Em
  4. Commenter-E – This Is Portland 12″ Single
  5. MaLLy & The Sundance Kid – My Lord from The Last Great
  6. Commenter-E – You Can Do Anything from For Your Playlist EP Visit http://commenter-e.bandcamp.com
  7. soul.ILL/Commenter-E – Weird Times (Northwest Dance Routines) from Hotcakes

Second hour

  1. DaiN feat. DJ Spark – Get Paid 12″ Single
  2. ANTHM feat. Blu – Polaris 12″ Single
  3. DJ Nu-Mark – Tonight J-Live and Lucious Beats from Broken Sunlight Single visit http://www.co-sign.com
  4. Commenter-E – For Your Playlist from For Your Playlist EP
  5. UGK’z – Front, Back And Side To Side 12″ Single
  6. Ohmega Watts – The Find feat. Sto The 89th Key from The Find
  7. Commenter-E – This Is Portland 12″ Single visit www.commentere.com
  8. Mr. J. Medeiros – The Rockies 12″ Single Visit http://mrjmedeiros.bandcamp.com
  9. LMNO & Solution – It All Adds Up 12″ Single
  10. Serge Severe – Seasons from Silver Novelist EP

In The Mix

Live Mix on 107.1FM KZME Portland

I have such great respect for the artists I’ve been building with in Portland for the last several years. I have enjoyed so much sharing their talents with the world via the radio programs I’ve been involved with. I often say I feel so much more comfortable having DJ in front of my name since I’m am on the radio, because I see the talent and work these artists put in and they are truly in a class of their own.

In April 2012, I was inspired to put together a mix live on the air of tracks that I listened to when I was younger. Here is the link and I invite you to listen and share it with your family and friends.