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Welcome to the Neighborhood is back!

It’s been a minute, but I’m back LIVE on 107.1FM KZME with Welcome to the Neighborhood, still on Tuesday nights, but now airing from 7-9pm pacific and still bring you that local, local. One of the greatest advantage of airing live is better opportunities to interact with you, the listeners. But even better than that, it’s I get the chance to invite many of the artists you’ve been hearing on the show to come and hang out at the station. That way you get a peak behind the music, a look into the writing process, the production, how an artists prepares for performing, and a lot of times just some real cool stories.

I’ve been blessed to have local talent like Animal Farm, SlimKid3, Tony Ozier as well as folk just passing through like Spice1, Kev Brown and LMNO. Label owners like Kenny Fresh of Fresh Selects, promoters like Anthony Sanchez of Runaway Productions, Magazine owner The Kid Espi, record store owner DJ KEZ – the list goes on. I’m looking forward to inviting more artists on to share with you there music and their stories.

On February 7th, Destro Destructo of Oldominion is scheduled to stop by as we continue to showcase the monthly offering of the project produced by CashFlow (R.I.P). Then on February 21st, a special guest will be stopping by to share a new project that has the potential to take this NW movement to a whole-notha-level. On February, local MC and producer Tope of Living Proof and TxE will be by to talk about his upcoming release and his new label, then the following week Epp, a second 1/3 of TxE will be by to talk about his next project. And that’s only the beginning. I’m also looking forward to having J-Ritz and Saywords, Cool Nutz, DJ O.G. One and so many more.

Welcome to the Neighborhood on KZME is a show about local artists for the entire community, so hit me up on the Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/WTTNRadio of on Twitter @djklyph and let me know who you’d like to hear from.

If you are local artist looking for airplay, check out the KZME website for info on how to submit music at http://www.kzme.fm/musician-info/.

Until next time, be blessed.