DJ Klyph presents… three7 RADIO #002

Peace world! Hope all is well in your area. I want to share with you the second episode of three7 RADIO with new music and still the very best in positive hip hop, conscious music. Peep the set list for this episode:

DJ Klyph presents… three7 RADIO #002

  1. K. Sparks – Autumn Blues [Radio Single] Visit
  2. The Procussions – The Fringe from The Procussions
  3. Dre Murray – 7913 (Prod. by Wit) [7913 single]
  4. ALERT312 – The Villian vs The Virtue from Of Vice & Virtue
  5. GS – Answer Dat from Win Souls or Die Tryn
  6. Joshua – Perfect People from I Stand Alone
  7. CONQUEST – The Machinist from Bryant’s Theme Visit
  8. 14KT & Ozay Moore – Record Store Day

And here are a couple of links to the audio:

three7 RADIO Show #002

iTunes link

Shout out to:
Kingdom Affiliates –
Sphere Of Hip Hop –
Humble Beast –
Fresh Selects –

Check out the links to get more info on the artists that contribute to three7 RADIO and support good music. Be sure to spread the word!


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